Low Force Adjustment – Koren Specific Technique (KST)

KST is not a style of adjusting where you hear and feel the cracking and popping of the spinal joints. In KST we use a gentle nervous system adjusting instrument called the “Arthrostim”. This instrument adjusts by delivering a light tapping to the nervous system. The key with this technique and the power behind the amazing results we see is the nervous system. Traditional adjustments work to move a bone or restore motion in a spinal joint. KST works to release any interference in the nervous system and being able to run the functions of our body properly. KST is a very advanced system of nervous system analysis. Nervous system (The nervous system is responsible for reading the environment and then instrucint the body on hoe to respond appropriately). Analysis (A way of testing the function of the nervous system and locating any areas of the interference in the nervous system). Once a blockage is removed the nervous system can communicate with the body clearly and the body can begin to heal any damage (sickness and pain) and improve our state of health.


After years as a chiropractor, I realized that while chiropractic treatments can be very effective, they’re not the only solution needed to help some health problems.

A couple years ago I discovered Nutritional Healing. Using a combination of chiropractic adjustments and Nutritional Healing, I’ve now had amazing success helping hundreds of patients say goodbye to chronic pain, headaches, allergies, and that horrible case of the low-energy blahs that seems to hit all of us in Seattle at some point!

Many of these patients were improving with chiropractic care alone, but not enough. By adding in the Nutritional Healing piece, I’ve been able to make a dramatic difference in my patients’ health, wellness and energy levels.

If you’ve been struggling with chronic illness, fatigue or pain a combination of chiropractic care and Nutritional Healing may be just what you need to finally feel better.

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