Who is Dr. Steve Polenz?

Dr. PolenzHello,

I am Dr. Steve Polenz and I feel that when you choose a doctor you want to know a little something about them.

Growing up I suffered with a lot of pains due to growing very quickly and playing a lot of sports. The wear and tear of an active life wore me down until I was having severe lower back pain and right hip pain to the point that I could barely walk and was unable to play soccer, baseball and run track.

My mom took me to several medical doctors who were unable to help me. My mom had just started seeing a chiropractor and thought “what the heck, maybe he can help.”

My first adjustment was wonderful. I felt immediate relief from the pain and as I learned more about chiropractic, it made perfect sense to me – care for people in a way that allows their body to heal itself.

I graduated with my Doctor of Chiropractic in May of 1993 and started my practice. As several years of practice went by I started to get frustrated. I was frustrated because some people who came to see me would heal quickly and well and others would heal slowly and some would not get better at all.

Out of my frustration I looked at a lot of different ways to adjust my patients and found a fantastic technique that I now use which is very gentle and does not have the cracking and popping of traditional adjusting. AND, I get results faster and can now help people I was unable to help before. However there were still some people who came to me and chiropractic alone could not help them.

Then I made a powerful discovery.

It turned out that many of the illnesses and conditions I was adjusting people for were triggered by four stressors in our lives: chemicals, metals, immune challenges and food sensitivities.

These stressors enter our bodies and cause organ weakness which then causes our health to decline and for us to develop our aches, pains and illnesses.

This discovery led me to learn Nutritional Healing and it was the answer to my own nagging health problems that had developed as I grew older: memory difficulty, low energy, heel pain, knee pain and several other aches and pains.

Nutritional Healing was the missing link in my practice. My health improved dramatically with improved attention, improved memory and skyrocketing energy along with no more heel pain or knee pain.

My patients who were having a difficult time getting well got massive improvement in their health with the addition of Nutritional Healing.

It is now very rare that I am not able to help everyone who walks through my door.

Chiropractic and Nutritional Healing has given me my health back and has given me the tools to help so many people recover their lost health and get back to living their lives fully and without pain and suffering.
If you are frustrated and hurting and looking for answers, I am here to help you find the solution. I love nothing more than helping you find yourself feeling better and better with a ton of energy and vitality and fully living life again. I love to get people well!