New OfficeDr. Steve opened Green Lake Chiropractic in 1995 at a lovely space near Green Lake park in north Seattle. Since that time, his practice has grown and he’s sought new and innovative ways to help his patients feel their best.

Now in a new location just 3 blocks south of Northgate Mall, Dr. Steve and his team offer patients the benefits of low-force chiropractic, customized Nutritional Healing and tons of personal attention to help get rid of chronic fatigue, chronic pain, digestive issues, headaches and more.

Dr. Steve’s goal is to help your body regain its own, inborn ability to heal itself. That way you don’t have to keep coming back in every week. And you can maintain an optimal level of health on your own and go through life full of energy and feeling fantastic.

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Payments and Insurance

Chiropractic services are usually covered by health insurance and we are a provider for most major insurance companies. We are more than happy to call your insurance company about your benefits and can bill them directly for you.

Nutritional Healing is not covered by any insurance plans.


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